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post ideas please anything!!!!I will most likely take mario ideas but anything else would be cool to

rusty spoons!

2008-10-16 19:26:03 by Toad5355


Super mario quest 5

2008-10-09 21:15:21 by Toad5355

Well people of newgrounds and people who watched my 5th episode id like to thank all of you especially the two people who reviewed my movie. A three.twenty thats pretty good.

Super mario quest 5


2008-10-06 07:52:54 by Toad5355

Money money


2008-10-03 19:02:51 by Toad5355

You no people im just a beginner at flash animating so cut me some slack when reviewing my movies

New flash soon

2008-10-02 20:32:29 by Toad5355

Well here it comes new mario movie. Working on some drawn animations but I still like sprites. (Description)-Well mario and bowser face off on a castle bowser calls upon his fiends to help him. Mario is cornered so he flees to a pipe srry for bad spelling if i spelled wrong. Anyway still working on it getting better.

PS. I used the super great Tekken sparking song if anyone needs it ill give you it if you give me your email. Well coment on my page.

Super mario quest 4

2008-09-28 13:39:31 by Toad5355

OOOOOO yeah super mario quest 4 has about to be released. People who liked the series go and see episode 4! Ohh I just got flash 8 so I might be done using flash mx for awhile. Anyway watch the series and vote and comment new episodes coming. I wont give up on this series. If people dont like it thats fine but I intend to finish the series