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Thanks for the good score

2009-07-26 13:24:58 by Toad5355

thanks for all the good reviews on mario and the fire flower


2009-07-25 14:26:37 by Toad5355

mario and the 1-up is now under judgement. go check it out i just did it for fun and i hope you can get a few laughs out of it

New stuff

2009-06-24 10:32:17 by Toad5355

1. Mario quest remastered
2. Super mario bros the minus world expedition (coming soon)
3. ?????
Note: if you watch my other movies dont expect that that is the skill im at now. Ive gotten better than that i just havent submitted in a while. By the way if you have seen mario and the fire flower that was not my animation it was glitched by mistake i no longer have the file so i'll make something else.

New stuff

New RPG game

2009-04-26 15:06:40 by Toad5355

Hey Im going to be making an RPG with the help of some various people. It is going to be Paper mario style and I will be drawing and someone else might illustrate to. Look forward to it maybe...


2009-03-29 14:50:44 by Toad5355

Hey people who view my page. I just wanted to let you know im still animating. I havn't submitted anything in awhile because I have been practicing up on my animation. Dont expect great things from me though. I am going to possibly start working on a new movie that is probably going to be about April starting and spring pulling in. I just wanted to put up something else. I am still using sprites I know sprite movies dont get that popular without enough work and patients, but I feel that I should work on perfecting one thing than forgetting about something and trying to start all over. My plan: keep working on sprites for now and when the time is right start working on my own drawn animation.

Newgrounds in a nutsheel

2009-02-22 00:30:35 by Toad5355

go che check it out i just watched it is great!


2008-12-12 22:18:17 by Toad5355

Picture of a new sprite film deciding if i should put it on. It looks alot better in actual video the start stop is to know where the end and begging of the screen is u will also not see this in the movie.


Whats up

2008-12-07 12:16:22 by Toad5355

wow im so board

Bowser voice

2008-11-29 22:58:08 by Toad5355

Hey people of newgrounds I need a voice that can play bowser in my newgrounds animation brawl crap episode 2. Lines are:All right people of newgrounds you wanted me im here not really. HEY BITCHEZ WHY ARN"t you guys admiering me ahh!

Alright some of u might not know what this series is but i do its a good series. But i want episode four to come out soon its the last episode in season 1. SO WHERE IS IT COME ON RETARD519 MAKE THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!!! come on people rant about this with me!