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2008-12-12 22:18:17 by Toad5355

Picture of a new sprite film deciding if i should put it on. It looks alot better in actual video the start stop is to know where the end and begging of the screen is u will also not see this in the movie.



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2008-12-13 00:15:32

That looks ugly.

Toad5355 responds:

I know its a really bad screen shot this is not what it looks like in the reall movie and the fog moves to.


2009-02-16 13:47:02

whats that up there? is it the moon? is it thesun? or is it your face? ......times up! your face! i think it sux.

Toad5355 responds:

this is old news bub go get a life and a knife i think youll be needing it.